The first step toward a successful scalp micropigmentation procedure, is a thorough consultation with your SMP artist. It is crucial that we understand your expectations, and of course the style you want to achieve. Consultations take place by phone, video call or if possible, face to face. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Most scalp micropigmentation treatments are split over 2-4 sessions, each lasting 1-3 hours. At the start of each session your artist prepares their workstation, adhering to the most stringent hygiene standards, and creates the blend of carbon SMP pigment and dilutant to suit your individual requirements.

Your first session

The purpose of your first session is to lay a ‘foundation’ of pigmentation, re-framing your face and providing enough scope for adjustments during your subsequent sessions. Your artist creates thousands of tiny pigment deposits, each designed to replicate the appearance of a very short hair, and skillfully creates a covering of deposits across the entire treatment area.

Subsequent sessions

Your remaining treatment sessions are for building density, and for perfecting the final look.

Density must be created slowly and following a specific method. Remember, the objective is to replicate your natural density, not to overdo it, so adequate healing time must be enabled between each session to create the most accurate result.

We also make adjustments to your procedure as we progress through each session. Often client have requests that stem from time in front of the mirror between sessions, and hairline adjustments are especially common. We want you to be completely satisfied with your treatment, so we accommodate such requests wherever possible.

After your sessions are complete, we recommend a period of 2 weeks where the scalp is protected from washing, excessive sweating, and strong sunlight. Long term aftercare is simply a case of maintaining good skin health, taking adequate precautions in the sun and moisturising regularly.


You probably have questions, and we’d love to answer them, simply give us a call or drop us an email today.