While the thickest skin on the body, there is a great deal of dermal activity within the skin of the scalp. It protects one of the body’s most vital organs, so it should come as no surprise that when injured in any way, scar formation occurs.

Scar tissue is unique.  It is a fibrous matrix of collagen that is thicker and more complex than the skin around it.  It forms to protect the area from further injury.  At Perfecting Touch, we are accustomed to seeing clients who have attempted hair transplantation.  Such scarring is quite widespread. However, we also see scars from accidents, surgeries, burns.  Scars can present challenges, which is why it is essential clients seek out SMP artists who are extensively trained and experienced in dealing with this unique, yet delicate skin.

Hair will not grow from a scar.  Therefore, depending on the number and size of scars on the head, the scar can be visible beneath the existing hair.  For former hair transplant patients, it is common for a full scalp of SMP to be required.

Whatever the circumstances, scalp micropigmentation gently and effectively disguises scars with the implantation of individual hair follicle sized tattoos.  SMP is quite incredible in its ability to completely erase the appearance of the scar, while also, to some degree, releasing the scar tissue to provoke the regeneration of healthier skin at the area.

Other hair loss solutions are unlikely to be effective when working with scar tissue.  SMP is the only remedy that will conceal the absence of hair growth in the area while also creating the illusion of it. Whether one or more spot treatments, or larger areas, scalp micropigmentation has you covered.

At your consultation, a full assessment is conducted.  We will discuss previous treatments, goals, and set a plan.

During treatment you will be kept comfortable with the use of topical anesthetics which numb nerve endings.  Expect to spend 2 or 3 hours in session.  Following each SMP session the treated area heals, and after-care is provided and carefully explained.  The gradual process is so seamless few will even notice.

Expect realism, results, restoration.


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