Alopecia is an umbrella term for several varieties of hair loss.  We do not often think of male pattern baldness as alopecia, but it is a version of it, known as alopecia areata.  It can begin with recession or random patches of hair loss, before advancing.  It tends to be permanent.  At Perfecting Touch, we attend based on today, plan for tomorrow and set out a treatment plan and goals for the future.  Working hand in hand with the client, we strive for perfection.

Alopecia totalis is presented as full loss of hair on the scalp, where alopecia univeralis is complete hair loss all over the body.  Neither condition is necessarily permanent.  Some or all hair can return; however, so can the condition.  It is unknown what causes alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis, though, latest research suggests an auto-immune condition that attacks the hair follicles rendering them dormant.  Many alopecia clients are in distress over their hair loss.  SMP is the perfect answer.

In keeping with the client’s natural hair line and bone structure, Pierre designs an outline on the scalp which is most complementary.  Working within this pre-drawn hairline, he meticulously and gently tattoos individual hair follicles within the dermal layer of the skin.  Advanced equipment and all-natural pigments enable Pierre to create the illusion of a shaved scalp or a very close-cut trim.  Over the course of 2 to 3 sessions, Pierre gradually builds the look of density.

SMP requires precision, an advanced understanding of hair growth and hair growth patterns, both of which are unique on the scalp.  For example, scalp hair follicles will naturally produce up to 3 hairs, hair grows in a whorl pattern at the crown and male and females have different growth patterns than men.

Book a consultation today to discuss how SMP can address alopecia and make you smile.

At your consultation, a full assessment is conducted.  We will discuss previous treatments, goals, and set a plan.

During treatment you will be kept comfortable with the use of topical anesthetics which numb nerve endings.  Expect to spend 2 or 3 hours in session.  Following each SMP session the treated area heals, and after-care is provided and carefully explained.  The gradual process is so seamless few will even notice.

Expect realism, results, restoration.


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