How Can SMP Help You?

SMP, short for scalp micropigmentation, is an extraordinary treatment that has taken its rightful place at the forefront of hair loss remedies.  Non-surgical, non-invasive, and comparatively more affordable than any other solution, SMP offers a remarkable option for men and women dealing with all forms of hair loss, comfortably, professionally.

Whether you are experiencing partial hair loss, full scalp hair loss or thinning hair, scalp micropigmentation can address it all.  By tattooing meticulous follicles at the treatment area, what others see is hair density for thinning hair or small patches of hair loss, or a freshly shaved scalp, for full head hair loss.

SMP, for alopecia, scalp injuries including burns, thinning hair, as well as temporary and permanent full scalp loss, is the ideal means of addressing hair loss.

Restore your confidence, restore your look.  At Perfecting Touch, you will find only the most professional, advanced, and experienced artist in Pierre Ly.  Post-treatment service is personalized and second to none.


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